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Which Elite Character Are You? Quiz

Which Elite Character Are You? Quiz

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Join in the fun and discover which Elite character you are! Take our quiz and unlock your hidden persona from the world of Elite. Are you a charismatic Lucrecia, a loyal Samuel, or perhaps a rebellious Carla? Find out now and let the Elite inside you shine!

Elite is a popular Spanish teen drama television series that first premiered on Netflix in 2018. Set in the fictional elite private school called Las Encinas, the show revolves around the lives and relationships of three scholarship students who are given the opportunity to attend the prestigious school after an earthquake destroys their previous school. Which Elite Character Are You?

The series dives into various themes such as class struggles, privilege, love, friendship, and power dynamics. It explores the lives of the wealthy and privileged students as well as the scholarship students, creating a clash of different social backgrounds and cultures. Which Elite Character Are You?

As the story unfolds, viewers are introduced to a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and complexities. From the snobbish and manipulative Guzmán to the rebellious and free-spirited Nadia, the characters navigate their way through friendships, romances, secrets, and scandalous events that constantly challenge their relationships and identities.

With its intriguing plotlines, compelling storytelling, and stunning cinematography, Elite has gained a dedicated fanbase around the world. The show tackles relevant issues while providing audiences with an addictive and entertaining viewing experience.

Elite season 7 will be released on Oct 20, 2023. If you haven't watched, prepare to dive into the world of Elite and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of drama, suspense, and unexpected twists!

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