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Personality Quiz: Which Reelshort Heroine Am I?

1. What is your go-to outfit for a night out?

Little black dress

Jeans and a cute top

Flowy maxi dress

Leather jacket and boots


Sweatshirt and slacks

2. What is your biggest fear?



Losing loved ones


3. How do you handle betrayal?

Confront the person who betrays you

Cut them out of your life

Forgive and move on

Seek revenge

4. How do you handle a broken heart?

Lean on friends and family

Throw yourself into work

Take time to heal slowly

Recover quickly

Crazy Crying

Sleeping all the time

5. What is your biggest regret?

Not brave enough to take risks

Hurting someone you love

Not following your dreams

Wasting time on the wrong person

6. Which setting do you find most appealing?

Big city

Small town

Historical period

Otherworldly realm

7. What is your preferred love ones?

Mysterious and brooding

Charming and passionate

Intellectual and witty

Powerful and determined

8. Which type of conflict do you prefer?

Solving a complex mystery

Handling a complicated love triangle

Battling supernatural creatures

Outsmarting adversaries in career

9. Which TV drama would you binge-watch?


"Grey's Anatomy"

"Stranger Things"

"The Good Wife"

10. If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?


Healing powers

Time manipulation


11. Which supporting character would you prefer to have on your team?

A cunning and loyal best friend

A wise and nurturing mentor

A quirky and helpful sidekick

A mysterious and all-knowing advisor

12. What is your preferred beverage?

Red wine

Whiskey or bourbon

Herbal tea

Organic juices

13. What is your preferred weapon?

A sharp and sleek dagger

A concealed firearm

Intelligence and wit

Your words and persuasion skills

14. How important is loyalty to you?

Extremely important, a core value

Not important, you value freedom more

It depends on the situation and circumstances

Loyalty is earned, not freely given

Are you ready to discover which Reelshort Heroine matches your personality? Take the quiz and prepare for some unexpected results!